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Antarean Star Empire

The [1st] Antarean Federation

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The [1st] Antarean Star Empire

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The New Antarean Federation

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The [2nd] Antarean Star Empire

The Antarean Empire is an interesting and diverse nation with a rich history of triumph and loss. Though it has the pedigree of being an expansionist military power, the true strength of the Empire lies within its robust social and economic systems, strong central government, and the efficient organization of its armed forces. Having been reborn nearly two-hundred years after its destruction and annexation by the United League of Planets, the new AE is struggling to rebuild its former glory in the face of incredible odds.

Political Structure

The governing body of the Antarean Empire is strange amalgamation democratic, oligarchic, and imperial ideologies. The Empire itself was founded by the initial 16 colonized worlds of the Antarean Cluster; as a result, over the course of its life various families of these 16 worlds came to control much of the running of the Empire. The Andromodeus family was clearly the most successful, both in terms of political influence, military power, and social organization. From the outset, this powerful clan dominated Cluster politics and would later go on to found the empire itself.

Within the AE, there are two relatively monolithic governing bodies. The first is the mantle of the Star-Emperor who, for all intents and purposes, is the sole authoritarian over all Imperial Worlds and assets. Standing second to the Emperor was the Quorum of Forty-Eight, which was a collection of the leaders of the Empires 48 most powerful families. Though technically unofficial, the Quorum dictated more of Imperial politics than the Emperor, in some ways acting as a check on his supreme power. However, the new emperor, Lucan Andromodeus XVIII, abolished the Quorum upon taking power, retaining the Federation Senate as the civil governing arm of the Imperial government.

This move has upset many within the forty-eight families because it effectively mitigated much of the political influence theyd enjoyed even during the post-war period, when the nation reverted back to its original status as a Federation. As a result, there is great animosity between these families and the Emperor, and many suspect that the deaths of several influential senators (and many within the peerage of forty-eight) may be not-so-subtle warnings to the families that the emperor will not tolerate dissent.

Social Climate

The new Antarean Empire has only existed as a recognized political and military entity for roughly four years. However, in this time it is has swelled to encompass nearly as many worlds as the Solesian Hegemony, with a navy and economic base that far exceeds any other local powers save the ULP itself. This due in no small part to the fierce pride and loyalty held by the people of the 1st and 2nd Districts, as well as the success of the Imperial Navy. Though there is still an undercurrent of worry pervading the populace, the years of (successful) war-making on the United League of Planets has gone a long way to convince many that the new Antarean Empire is no vaporous political entity, and that it is firmly here to stay.

Security/Military Branches

The Antarean Imperial Space Navy

The Antarean Imperial Army

The Vox Dei