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Ground Vehicle Directory

Ground Vehicles in the AFF universe (millitary)

= The United League Army =

== ULA light ==

===light hover===

LHV-1 Light Skimmer (Levi)

===light wheeled===

LWV-4 Light Vehicle

===light mecha===

Jorn Class Light Mech

== ULA transport ==


(skyway's apc)


MHT277 hover transport (Duster)


== ULA armour ==



Fallen Class Armoured Hover Vehicle (fallen)

LAV4 Heavy Armoured Hover Vehicle


== ULA specialist ==

[[APV/C mobile command center]]

==ULA aero light==

Ramora Class Aerofighter-Bomber (Ramora)

Sturm Class Aero Gunship

==ULA aero heavy==

Dragoon class Dropship

= The Antarean Imperial Army =

== AIA light ==

===light wheeled===

Silverback Light Vehicle

Tempest Class Attack Bike

===light hover===

Vapir Class Attack Hoverbike

===light mecha===

Cobache Class Mech

== AIA transport ==





OTC1 Quad Transport (argus)

== AIA armour ==




ISD Quad Medium Anti-Infantry Vehicle (Holkan)

DMT9 Quad Armoured Vehicle (Mako)

DSE Quad Armoured Vehicle (Pallas)

OTK4 Quad Artillery (Ottaker)

== AIA specialist ==

Khapera Class Mobile Command Platform (hexaped)

==AIA drone==

K117 Attack Drone (Spider)

K218 Point Defense Drone (Na-Fal)

==AIA aero light==

AG18 Aero Gunship (Kush)

[[AS25 Aero/Space interceptor]]

==AIA aero heavy==

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