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Ship Directory

Category:Fleet Forces

Divided factions and classes

Antarean Empire

Antarean Imperial Space Navy (AISN)

AISN corvettes

Min class light-corvette

Anat class heavy-corvette

Seshat class AVGSA-corvette Advanced Variable Geometry Support and Assault

AISN mechs

Imperial Army (AIA)

Vox Dei

Javert class Infiltration Frigate


United League of Planets

United Space Navy (USN)

USN Battlewagons

Valhalla Class Battlewagon

USN superdreadnaughts

Ragnarok class superdreadnaught

USN mechs

[[Velius (mk. 2) class mechanized assault-unit]]

Black Knight class advanced interceptor-unit

Demolisher class heavy bombardment unit

United League Aerospace Corps (ULAC)

Ramora class Aerofighter-bomber

Internal League Security Force (ILSF)

Solesian Hegemony

Great Space Fleet (GSF)

GSF battle carriers

Nomad class battle carrier

Hegemonian Guard (HG)

Hands of the Hegemon (HH)

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