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United League of Planets

The ULP is a politically binding alliance of over seventy stellar nations into a single, unified entity. The League is governed in a style similar to that of an old-earth parliament; led by a Prime Minister, cabinet, and general-assembly composed of senators from every recognized government within the alliance. The ULPs strongest asset is its unified military, which draws volunteers indiscriminately from all League worlds. The systems of the League itself are divided into six districts, five radiating out from the core worlds of the first district (systems belonging to the original members of the first ULP charter: Republic of Cinnabar, Star Kingdom of Mournecreek, Polaris Concordat, Democratic Union of Fellbarr, and the Tauruian Confederacy).


247 Systems

Political Structure

Owing much of its stability to the careful planning of its founders as well as the strength and good ill of its ranking members, the ULP has the distinction of being one of the largest and most influential Political entities in existence (rivaling even the core-systems) despite its position close to the galactic rim of colonized space. The League operates using a parliamentary cabinet paired with a senate-style governing body. The Prime Minister, the highest ranking officer in the league, holds oversight authority over the actions of the cabinet and military but shares power with the senatorial legislature. This arrangement is well implemented and allows important decisions and legislation to be dealt with a fair and balanced manner. However, in the last few decades the League has been saddled with increasingly weak and ineffectual Prime Ministers leading to a breakdown in the effectiveness of League politics.

Social Climate

The social climate of the League is widely varied in both disposition toward the government, and economic and social class. While many in the more prosperous nations are pleased with the governing of the Senate and are thankful for the protection and stability the Leagues armed forces provide, there is a growing undercurrent of dissent slowly sweeping through the outlying districts. Many of these concerns stem from the actions, or lack thereof, of the ULP during the Crusader War and the undeclared war with Antarean Federation. Tensions have reached a head now that the Antarean Empire has re-emerged to claim many of the worlds lost to the League two-hundred years prior. As many worlds clamor for protection or consider alliance with the Empire, the delicate seams that hold the Leagues nations together are slowly being stretched, and in some cases severed.

Relevant History

The brainchild of Yvette Edrasil, a Taurian diplomat, the ULP was unofficially established in 849 AE as a secret military alliance to counter the growing predations of the Antarean Star Empire whose new emperor, Lucan Andromedeus IV, was showing signs of continuing the expansionist campaign begun by his father, Lucan III. The alliance consisted of five stellar nations who either shared a common border with the ASE or recognized the threat it posed. The signatories included the Democratic Union of Fellbarr (DUF), the Republic of Cinnabar (RC), the Taurean Confederacy (TC), the Star Kingdom of Mournecreek (KMC) and the Polaris Concordat (PC). Each nation pledged mutual defense for one another in the event of war with a foreign power, but this ostensibly referred to any hostile acts on the part of the ASE toward ULP member-states. While carefully shrouded in secrecy, this first alliance remained relatively untested for several years. As the ASE border seemed to be settling down, several members began to doubt the wisdom of being entangled in such an alliance, especially given the new trade opportunities beginning to materialize within Imperial space. Still fearing an imminent attack, the Republic of Cinnabar and the Star Kingdom of Mournecreek quietly built up their respective navies while the rest of their allies plotted new ways to reap the riches of an alliance with the ASE.