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Second Antarean War is new type of game, a multiplayer online persistent tactical simulation, a game where you charge massive fleets into battle to protect countless outposts. This game is set in the Angels Fall First Universe that is known for its MODs and great artistic talent.

The story begins as the Antarean Empire declares its independence from the United League of Planets. Naturally war results; a war in which you can partake. There are only two sides, the Anterian and the League factions, that battle over countless star systms. The game focuses on team versus team combat, cunning wit and brilliant strategy, fueled by carefully planned and coordinated efforts. We might only focus on a small part of a greater story, war amongst the stars, but we aim do it well. This combat filled period will be accurately modeled in this purely combat game.

In Second Antarean War, you battle for your chosen faction with and against players from around the world. You own and control your own ships which you can improve and repair between battles. They are fully persistent, always awaiting your, and only your, orders, even while you are offline. They will stay under your command until they are destroyed. Without new orders, they will follow old ones, thus ships will continue to move on the paths you assign and continue to fight the battles, even if you log off. Ships fight, and the war progresses whether you are playing or not.

Second Antarean War is in development stage yet progressing quite well with open beta to be announced soon. Please register and chat on the forums. More active participants will get invited first.