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Alpha screen shots

by treeform on

Long time without some screen shots of what we are working on. Lots of things have went on in the game. I have just started working on shaders - i hope more screen shot worthy stuff will come out soon. Next I have fixed more desync bugs. Avoidance has been programming into the ship's ai. Next big task is getting the weapon fx working right and then work on ability fx. Abilities are important part of the game that are still missing.

Here you see the zoomed out radar view. This view is used to get a good overview on what is going on in the game.

Rejkart and Fox emerge from a dust cloud. Rejkart is primary and anti fighter ship while Fox is a massive but short range damage dealer.

Several Ti patrolling the territory. Ti is a fast corvette. Its very good at scouting and tacking command points.

Rhapsody is trying to find its pray. Rhapsody is a long range frigate. Used to take out slower frigates.

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