by Kaelas

What is a clan/guild called for AISN or is that still undetermined in the story?

It was stated in the USN board that whatever natural outgrowth or heirarchical system that happens, is player created.

You could call them anything you want... fleets, houses, families, planets, nations, whatever as the AISN composes a number of different planets, countries etc.. with a health dose of religious egyption overtones.

Do some research on wikki and find out a good idea.

well, i think it would be helpful to think of past historical governments that were ruled by a single ruler...

even kings have council... and i feel like the AISN heirarchy should resemble that of a single ruler, who has various knights or ministers under him, who he confers with and who each run a different jurisdiction...whether it be a specific portion of space, or monitoring the economy, or assembling militias, or whatever...

my idea would be to go like this... starting from the emperor at the top





Council of 7 (seven people who govern different things but are subjects to the Emperor)




Officers of Council (each member of the Council of seven will have ten people under them, who carry out assignments on behalf of the council and the Emperor, They also help organize the generals and other subordinates...)




Generals (The next rank under Officers of Council, there are 5 Generals under each officer of council, Generals take direct orders from the Officers of the council that they work for... For non military offices, this rank will be renamed to Executive Commander)




Seargant (each General will have as many as 5 seargants under them, For non military offices, this rank will be ranamed to Commander)




ranks keep going down, etc... until the Recruit rank, where there are thousands of other people... from recruit, you should be able to choose which office you want to work under...


these are just ideas, but i think it would be interesting to develop a working governmental system that actually helps players organize and yet is open enough to give players LOTS of freedom...

by Koshka

Plato, have you read the back story behind the republic turned empire once more?

where is the link? i pretty much went over most of this site, looking at stuff... i might have missed it though... could you post a link? in the meantime i will try to find it again and reread it...


oh wait... i found it...

here is the link.

thanks for directing me to that... its a great outline... lots of room for details and subplots...

by Koshka

Indeed :D

i'd say that commodores and admirals would be better than generals. generals are ground based. admirals and commodores sound more like a navy. naval ranks are used in most military SF.

and ensign sounds better than recruit, at least for officers.

we also need some sort of organization to our offices and bureaucracy of the navy:

do we have an office of naval building? and if so, what do we call it? Buships? office of naval building? something else?

what do we call our premier training facilities? The Academy? name it after where it is? etc.

all of this would help us seem more "in character" and help if any of us wish to write stories.

thegreatpl, most of what you ask are in the stories. There is a famous and primary Academy at Lobos (AISN). I am not sure we picked a spot for USN one. I am not sure about office of naval building....

Thanks. i havent gotten round to reading all the stories yet.

We need some sort of Office in charge of building and designing new ships! we need a name for the bureaucracy that builds us our ships, gives us a load of forms to fill out about these ships, and complains and bitches whenever we bring their precious babies back damaged, or not at all.

yes we do

ok, been reading some of the stories, and i have discovered:

that the USN have

rear admirals,

commanders, seems to be able to command multiple ships, so i would say they are under the. commodores


that the Antareans have:

task forces (ie, task force Harp),


rear admirals,

commanders, seems to be able to command multiple ships, so i would say they are under the. commodores


something called the vox dei, not sure what this really. seems to be some sort of security thing,

there appear to be labs at a place called Foyeri for us ASIN, which seems to be our ship development base, or something of the like.

of course, this is only some of the stories.


good job at lifting info from the stories. Tell you the truth our authors are sitting on their asses and not doing any thing.

too true. there are no end of unfinished stories. they should at least finish them before posting. there was quite a bit of info i missed. most of the info is in the first few stories. i also noticed we are missing a few ships in the game that were mentioned in the stories.

maybe they have run out of things to write and need inspiration? as an amateur writer myself i sometimes know how they feel.

EDIT: missing ship class which sounds cool:

"The new Seshat class heavy corvettes were marvels of Antarean design. Sleek and beautiful, their curving, tan and mauve colored hulls were dotted with ion-arrays, kinetic point-defense clusters, and missile tubes. What made them even more exciting weren’t just the weapons outside, but within. Radical advances in engine technology and micro-technologies allowed the corvette’s to generate unheard of amounts of energy, not only tremendously boosting their speed, but allowing far more powerful weapons to be included both on and inside of the hull itself. Packed around a single, capital-class ion-beam cannon, a weapon usually reserved for the heaviest of cruisers and super-capital craft, the Seshat was a deadly opponent even by itself. But the marvels didn’t end there.

Utilizing the new drone-brain technology, each Seshat also boasted a four drone squadrons with associated controller-units, each of which were capable of boosting the effective range and coordination of drone-craft by five-fold the previous amount. The drones themselves were hardly ignored either. Besides the new heavy-attack chassis slowly being produced in larger and larger numbers (and thus making their way to more and more units of the fleet), each of the new heavy corvettes were capable of deploying and maintaining a dozen of the new Baath class Particle-Density Boosting Parasites, of PDBPs. When activated, these drones formed a lattice network of field-density boosters for the ship’s particle field, giving the Seshat the shield strength of a craft several orders of magnitude larger, and generally served to further foul enemy scanners and target acquisition systems, as well greatly protect the ship’s hull from energy attacks."

havent seen it anywhere else. plus it sounds like a ultra cool ship. its from Uncommon Crossings.

Yeah thats not in game. And no one is actually working on adding more ships to 2aw at the moment. I think we would have to make due with the existing ships for long time.

thats a shame. id really like to see more ships to throw at the enemy. of course, until you have the current ships balanced, then i suppose that it would just complicate things further. although you could always balance it by adding new ships. ;)