i am thinking that eventually there will come a time when super weapons will be necessary. terrifying weapons of mass destruction.

I was thinking of a super weapon that could create miniature black holes which causes devastating damage upon all large ships. The smaller ships including fighters and bombers could escape from such dangers due to their speed.

Another super weapon idea, which is not as impressive in presentation, a singular missile which repeatedly attacks ships that are tagged by a particular targeting system within a given time limit. The initial hit would cause the most damage while the next several hits would cause less and less until it eventually disappears.

I am curious what others could come up with, though it may never come to pass in this game.

Think of this as weapon science research facility for the AISN

by plant

would that really be very fair? ; /

and suddenly, one player builds a few of these superweapons and annihilates an entire USN fleet without losing a ship.


by plant

Eidolons would be useful though, summoning gigantic monstrous space creatures to fight at you side!! yaay!!!

lol wow, i havent thought of that! nice plant.

by plant

it really is nice

by plant


World ships are super weapons in AFF universe. You could read up on them.

by plant

hmm World ships sound powerful. Guess I WILL read up on this

tried to go check out the read on world ships, but instead of loads of eye opening information... there were only 4 phrases. Paragraph 1, Paragraph 2... and so on.

i know your in a rut with time, if you would please fill us in about the world ships when you have time. thanks treeform

by plant

Koshka should hurry up with that.. she said she'd do it, right? damn lazeh

yea, she did. But you know how things get lost between people... hopefully its not happening in this case

koshka is a guy...

i think its probably safe to assume that everyone on this site is probably male...

i mean, its a futuristic space simulation game...

what girl would get into this during the beta?

none that i know...

oh no koshka is a girl, you can ask plant or even koshka y we think this way. lol, we may change our minds if further proof was or will be shown

by plant


> likes cooking complex and elegant dishes

> pink font

> mew

>tank top & shorts


... certainly there exists a lot of evidence to support our point of view here.

by Hrasko

When i frist saw this site, i saw in the gallery section somethign that looks like a planet exploding. Do you intend to make somethign like this?

World Ship? Death Star! ohhh yeahhh

Note: I'm supa fresh here.

by Kunming


Girls DO play space mmos! I met even female fleet commanders in EVE who excelled at their job, and a young female game developer (quite pretty as well) from UK who was working her own space game. Its clear that women thesedays enjoy virtual worlds and a more intellectual stimulation than just shopping :)

I think we where making fun of Koshka not girls but yea... i agree with Kunming

They should have a ship that is just a giant rail gun that shoots a highly radioactive round that melt parts of the shp and piosions crew members with radiation

This thread is ooooooooooooooooooold!

But since it's already here, I'll just say one word : Nukes

Just look at Nexus the Jupiter incident for an example , useful but not overpowered (since you can blow them up before impact) And they do not "kill" ships in one hit, instead having an area of effect.

Seriously , Just because we "can make planets explode" doesn't mean it's actually a good idea... *cough Star Wars*