Site feature suggestions:


       paginated topics and threads.
       Limit the USN and AISN thread to proper faction.
       Fix no topic posts. to have Topic such as [no topic]
       Make replies not have topic.
       make PM's follow one another like threads
       Show when unread PM's are present 
       Mark old posts as read.
       Make Categories be marked as unread not only when 
           the 1st post in them is not read.  

       Add option in account for all of them
       Send email notification on reply to your post 
       Send email notification on PM        
       Send email about in game events      

           Who is winning

       Graphs over time for stuff?

       Add blog like thing to the front page.
       Flash flag creation widget.
       Add search feature to universe pages.
       Allow comments on universe pages.
       Code easy gallery creation tool. 

User uploaded screenshots?

Reply tool for posts?

User uploaded screenshots?

>>> thats good

Reply tool for posts?

>>> whats that?

there is a button next to the post that says "reply" ( I think I mean quote). Then it copies the entire post you want to quote and puts it in the text box with "[/ quote/ ]". Its on like any forum i will send you to one hold on...

scroll down until you see a post that has a smaller white box inside of the post, it should do that instead of having to manually put ">>>"

How can it know what parts you are replying to? It just quotes every thing?

I don't think that is very usefull.

[quote] How can it know what parts you are replying to? It just quotes every thing?

I don't think that is very usefull.[/quote]

I think he means this 0.o

i basically quote a post to a topic.


    coward run from battle stats

It just quotes everything and then in the text box you can select which things will be in the quote by deleting things. Then what ever is in that quote will be in a different box when the post is published. I cant believe you've never seen this before tree, its a feature on pretty much every forum (except this one obviously).

Perfect I've been waiting for you to implement these features to the site Tree. And the quote thing would be better than just a reply I've used it on other forums before. Also will the email features be options? So that you can select each, because personally I get enough junk mail as it is i don't really need to know every time someone replies to my post. However game events I would like to know about.

Also will the email features be options?

>>> yeah

:D running is a smart move form losing good ships