by Veronw

Greetings! I'm not entirely sure where a new person posts a hello and such, but since I decided i liked the AISN faction more, I figured I would post it here! I followed this mod on Homeworld 2 for quite some time before it vanished and only recently discovered there was a MMORTS version and I must admit, I was quite excited!

Told as many of my friends about this as possible to help promote it, and hoping to get a chance to check out this enigmatic beta :P

Greets. I'm one of the aformentioned tagalongs and will dutifully be keeping Veronw in check, or securing tactical retreats. Bit wary about an MMORTS- really like the AFF universe, followed the HW2 mod for a bit- but previous ventures in this genre have been, well, iffish. But this looks good!

sup Veronw!

by Veronw

not much mate, just browsing thru the archives of posts here and such, playing some games, yourself?

by mrwill

How great does this game look!? I was just browsing on google bored and found it.

it looks awesome, but its not done yet... so the next patch is going to come out soon... hopefully soon with lotsa exciting new stuff. wait for it.... wait for it.....