i have decided, i will side with the empire for revenge against the League for their oppressiveness! plus i wuv monarchies.

seriously though, how many of you have actually read the background? how many of you know why the war is happening anyway? how many of you beta players (lucky fellows) know? any of you dedicate yourself for revenge?

I am not in beta but I did read it. New Emperor has luck that is sure and about massacre well it was very unfortunate.

I try to get into the spirit, but really for me it's about finding bugs and (of course) blowing things up with lasers and missiles. I read the history and it's very nice and complete. Taking the theme of the game to heart makes it that much more interesting though I must admit;

The ULP has kept us Antareans down for too long! I join with my Emperor in war against the forces of the USN, so that all Antareans may be free at last from their oppressors! The once-again-mighty AISN fights for the freedom of us all, and so I say: Glory to our Emperor, Death to our enemies, and Victory for us!

ah, as soon as i have finished my training at the academy at Lobos, i will join you, leading our fleets to victory.

is it just me or does there seem to be more Empies than leaquies?

And be a pawn of the blood thirsty illegitimate emperor!

ah, but i have honor! and glory! and i will not be the pawn of a vicious and manipulating government!

is the chance to get knighted and all? i seem to remember a thread somewhere talking about aims.