the flag color slider isnt working for me. whenever i try to grab it it just gets stuck at the top.

im using safari so this may be it.

Yes it is known not work for safari. I hope to get a flash picker flag picker.

When I want to change my flag it says there's an error. It happened on my silverroll890 account at the end of it too.

treeform still had a fail, he actually got the right colors finally, but had the wrong shades somehow.

by TheWu

Yes. That might actually work.

But really maybe a full widget with 2 colors + picker for icons and real time display if it might work better.

I also wanted to try to do it in JS. I was thinking of moving the site away from flash entirely.

Some thing like this could be a start

by TheWu

Not a bad idea, if you need any help with the funds let me know. I'd really like to see the game back up soon and a fully functional site for all types of users.

I have made major changes to the flag interface.

The only thing that remains is saving of the user color and base images.