Due to resent changes in the way the game will be played i decided to rewrite the entire game.

The game did not play well as a mmorts so it will now resemble some a combination of Wic and HW but a with a connected universe.

I have experimented alot about architectures and gained lots of knowledge on how to structure such game. This will give me an opportunity to fix some major design problem in the engine and make the game easer to extend.

Will beta still go on? Yes and no. The current server will be left running and current beta player could still visit the universe to play. Existing beta players will be instantly transfers to the new server when its done.

Will new beta players be admitted? No not till the rewrite is done.

Wish me luck.

PS: See some threads in the balancing section about the direction where the game is going.

Good luck.

wow.... I come back after a few days not loging in D:

this may end well :)

Wow... big changes treeform. Good luck, can't wait to see where this goes.


I think of this current closed beta version as the base of the game, basically the core, what the game is about.

oh so thats why everythting was soo quiet... lol i should check here more often, my bad.

good luck on the rewrite. Make the game awesomer

by Artilla

didn't try the game yet.. but adjustments to make thinks better are always good..

Good luck

by darkone

I liked this comment:

"This will give me an opportunity to fix some major design problem in the engine and make the game easer to extend."

Being able to addon easily to your project is worth the re-design all by itself so it doesn't take a lot of work to make tweaks or add some content to the finished product. Thanks for the update.

Hey guys! :D sorry I have not been on as often as I have ben, school has recieved my full attention as now I have to clamp down :( this will continue into may. However, come the middle of june its all over and I can beta test the new version then! :) Treeform, I guess it was a good call, since war is constant in this game, mmorts style universes do not work as nobody can be everywhere at once, peace is vita in an mmorts universe.

I have the idea that a certain system may come up for grabs at a certain time, players can bring their ships to the designated jump point and when the time is right both sides jump in and the fight begins. Reinforcements cannot be called in (or not until an extended period of time). It's a last man standing style war so the system can only be controled by elimination of the other side or they retreat. Doing this really does incorparate both stratagy and tactics as you will have to decide what size of a force you should bring (you may save some for elsewhere or keep your cash) and when in the battle, flankingpositions and directional armor and shields make the difference for those who take advantage over it.This better incorparates teamwork, and fleet strategic positions. After the battle your ships aree still free to roam about any owned system, but cannot attack another system until an attack is designated to start. during the wait, mabye in 2.0 you can move your ships to reppair stations and watch them get repaired for fun. :) Also probs in 2.0, some sector may strategic advantages such as some system has a special fighter for use to the owner. I guess a leader could be appointed to both the AISN and USN and they decide what sector to attack next (based on position and strategic value)

Well thats my idea best of luck treeform and the team hope to see you again soon :D Hope to enjoy the next version of the beta as much or more as the first ;) bye everybody! Spaceweed out!

good luck. Will look forward to this with baited breath!!

this means more fun to get another feel for the game, I hope something that great and pulls more people in to gain further interest of the public in the future :)

Wow... This was posted on April 1st, I thought for sure it was a joke.

Rewriting is really dangerous:

Good luck with the rewrite.

I think the big difference between that and this is that then they had a product we never really did. The game was broken at much higher level.

by Saktoth

Well, there wasnt much of a game, but the engine and other stuff were there.

Its the game bit that needs fixing.

i've never played, so i hope its going to be good! ;)

Hey Tree, is the current game down? because I can't seem to login :/ I tried a few times because I know the curret setup was still open for beta testers that were playing... is this so?

No its not up.


by Fruziek

Hi Do you guys know when will the new game be up. Geting bored here. Theres no games like this one out there. You either haw to pay or it sucks preaty bad. I hawent played the game yeat. Saw the youtube wideo it looksnice. I shure hope so ppl will start liking this kind of game. Most of ppl play mmos, and most of them suck lolz. Good luck with geting the game up. :-)

@Fruziek, ahh, that video was nice. I hope that the new game comes out soon.

by Crypto

Is it almost done?

If so, how much longer?

by sifirdd

good lock

ya new

you spelled luck wrong. =)

i did too :o oh wait i didn't even say anything

by Oxym

very good :)

he he! *dripping with sarcasim



I cant wait to jump in and see what youve done with this. it looks amazing already.

by NexAddo

Good luck man.

Game looks awesome hope its well worth the re-write.

by Skylee

This game is something I was waiting for since many years...

I hope the dev team will succed in this quest =)

I'll be here for help , tests, and hints if needed and waiting for the chanche to play this great war-strategy-simulation-cool game =)

treeform hope the rewrite is going as planed but i whanted to ask you about the irc (might not be the best thread to ask but anyway) i've been trying to get in on a meeting but theres no one one was it a one time event or has something happend to the development and the irc meetings where canceled.(just whant to know)

no we still use IRC everyday.

yeap i managed to get in on the chat today must have been bad timing.10x fo the info anyway

No problem. Come to IRC any time.

do you have a estimate for when this game will be done.......... almost two years............................

I don't think the game will ever be "done" But i hope to be out of beta this year. The development has taken long enough.

Game? Where is it. Is the beta not ready for prime time?

there was a beta of 2aw, but it got rewritten as stated above. the rewrite i coming along and there currently is an alpha version of the newly rewritten 2aw, you have to get on IRC (Internet Relay Chat) to become a alpha tester.... the irc link is here:

Note however: the alpha version is just playable and is still missing mayor things....

Man it has been a full year.

picked one nice date to rewrite treef ;)

so how do you get the game.... e-mail or fourum

IRC ! check the left side bar

graf.von.zan, get on IRC and i will give you the game to try out.

tree, new shortcuts for the game. can you make it so that m=move left click to attack and select. the game is not very user friendly, so can we first try to improve the interface. can you cut the line dragging, and make ships move in straight lines. if you want to curve can you make a waypoint button. ships dont attack targets very well and only move were you want them to move 1/2 of the time you make an order. to make stuff move up can you use the shift key. ships bigger maps smaller, i cant see the ships unless i zoom in close. can you make team ships green and enemy ships red, somtimes they dont stay the same color. The ships look epic!!!!!!!!!! :)

this isn't exactly the topic for this, just mention it in IRC is the best way.

"m=move" - no i hate that part of the interface from HW, why just not right click? I don't want to copy HW for the sake of copy.

"left click to attack and select." - How can it be both attack and select? What if you want to select enemy ship (too see helth and stats)? Pressing A (Attack) and selecting enemey ships does the trick.

"the game is not very user friendly" - Every one is a UI expert - about every second person has a suggestion to compleatly change the UI in compleatly different way each time. Well make it like HW comes up alot - but i dont want to copy.

"can you cut the line dragging" - I love line dragging. I think you are confused about what it does.

"make ships move in straight lines" - They do move in straigh lines.

Line dragging does not drag the path the ships make but rather then the "shape" - formation - the units will end up in. Very usefull for manuvering, turning, and changing formations quicky.

"if you want to curve can you make a waypoint button" - I made it waypoints - the shift button.

"ships dont attack targets very well and only move were you want them to move 1/2 of the time you make an order. "

I think you are confused what the line dragging is about. Reread the little manual page we have. If you dont like line dragging just click instead

"ships bigger maps smaller" - this is a constant tradeoff in realizem - I can make ships shoot 1 ship length before them but thats kind of unrealistic. But maybe thats a requrement to see the ships better.

"an you make team ships green and enemy ships red" - I color the ships based on the player color. Maybe enemy ships should be red. Also color blind people cant tell red from green - bad choice.

"ships dont attack targets very well and only move were you want them to move 1/2 of the time you make an order. "

i think this is that a single ship will not move if its clumped together with a lot of other ships, select all ships and move them to fix it.

"an you make team ships green and enemy ships red" - I color the ships based on the player color. Maybe enemy ships should be red. Also color blind people cant tell red from green - bad choice.

i suggest blue for USN orange for AISN.


Sorry for my absence, my computer got bashed in by my girlfriend and its been this long before I could afford a new rig :(

If there is anything I can do to help just let me know mate, my email is or just send me a PM to get my vent info and we can chat it up.

P.S. IRC doesnt work for me for some reason :(

IRC doesn't work?

get firefox or smth

firefox ended up working, stupid chrome


ethanpow, we are getting there. The list of things to get done before beta is going smaller every day.

by EmjeR

Treeform, are you still in need of that sound system, or did you wrote it yourself?

sound is in and working.... sort of. to actually hear it you would need some external files.

by Alviss

This thread just broke my little heart. :(

I was reading up on this project while looking into Panda3D, and saw the "download" section; my heart fluttered. But this is disappointing.

Im a novice Python/Network programmer. If i can be service, please, contact me.

treeform likes to work alone on the code side of things... tho you can always ask him directly at

starplant (at)

man I came back after a year and so waiting... whats going on :D

I dont know it feels like i rewrite the game very year...

You need someone to help you code tree, its overwhelming you if you have to rewrite it each year :/

maybe go full homeworld style with multi regions that use wormholes and a base Ship that a player controls and makes most of their forces form... redirect the idea... I Liked the galaxy map thing, regions to control. I think would be less hassle to direct but I am not a programmer... thats what I think :/

Grah... the waiting getting to me...

hopefully every mini-rewrite gets better and faster....

Yes it does! You should see the current fight model. Ships are like school of fish.

OK, i see a server status says ok at the side of the site, but there is still no dl on the website O.o

am i missing something here?

No, i am in the middle of a mini rewrite (again).

server status on the site is always OK, it isnt actually linked (yet) :P

Hehe dont tell them that give em hope! Yeah its just a test thing. I want to put a little graph there though like server health.

we must have access to win.... >:O RAWR!

keep trying to get on... server is not up every time i try... server status is STILL "ok". what does this mean? somone should make a server status widget instead of tree having to update the server status manually.

it just says OK permanently right now :P its not really helpfull, but indeed some widget will replace that later.

What if we set up servers in the UK, US and Asia. im sure we have people from all over the world on these fourums.omeone might want to help. i would but i cant afford to by a server right now. this would allow people to keep server's up 24/7 as long as nobody's server crashes.

well I think tree would perfer to have it on servers he owned.... but as far as I know no one expect the staff has access to the "alpha" testing thats going on... tree keeps on rewriting the code.

i once had it but the servers are aleays down so i cant play. i live in a different time zone than tree so i have a vastly different schedual.

several people have (had) the alpha

right now we really dont need more than one server to run the game, one is much simpler anyway.

waiting Patiently. :)

SO um... any updates? Something... anything?

  • sadface*

Sorry been busy with other stuff.

Has this as yet been resurrected? Sorry for being off the forums so long, things have been a bit... interesting, shall we say.

I see that even more changes have been made: website completely redesigned and all that, new Alpha on the way (must mean things are on the up-and-up; last I heard we were still wading through piles of re-writing. Then again that was a year and a half ago), new and old denizens of the forum still lurking about. A lot to catch up on.

And treeform, if as Graf mentioned you ever do want someone to help with the code (it must be quite arduous writing and re-writing it all yourself) maybe send me a message? I'd be happy to contribute; of course I also understand if you prefer writing it yourself, it can be easier to keep track of changes and work complete.

as treef says, more cooks to spoil the soup, he likes being the only coder. other help is welcome tho.

treef hasnt made that much progress on 2aw lately im afraid..

  • sadface*

Very very very very much want to help in close beta(or alpha) test!

This game... its a beatiful, meaby need help to developing, if you use C++,Java or C#, I help you!

BAIZOR, If you want to contribute, contribute to panda3d. It is an open source engine that i use. It uses python/C++. Here is my post of the feature i would liked to be added to panda3d. I have some cool decal code but sadly it still needs work, if you want to help contact me!