the aisn came up with one, so we need one to. whos with me.

  • sighs and shakes his head* wow you people are slackers there going nuts with there anthem over in aisn so we need to kick it up a notch! who in this crazy universe IS WITH ME!!!!! YEAHHH!!!!!!!!!!!! =)

The USN Anthem was already composed long time go:

If I may say... that's not really an anthem, that's a theme song. I think he means along the lines of what we have in the Antarean Empire.

3rd post I believe:

if i have to listen to that thing every time theres a vidio clip im gonna die! do somthing more pepy.


This one games soundtrack was classical music.


Yeah we need more different music.

IA had a nice menu music

I have that music. I can play it in 2aw when i get sound to work.

I want some rock/techno based music >:D

that would be cool

Tron soundtrack anyone? :D

but :( we cant use it ofc

tron would be cool. it might be worth trying to ask if we could use it. But which tron old or new? with the old there might be arule that we could use its sound track.

i meant the new one, but we certain cant use it, its all disneys and they dont share.

Disney don't share stuff for their movies - we will make some thing when time comes!


Did you know that Stranj has a composer degree?

cool... since when?

not sure if he has anything official like a degree, but i know he has composed stuff and has played in at least 3 bands.