Hello all,

Been lurking for sometime, thought I would see if I can get access to the beta. I'm very impressed with with the images and the use of panda3d.


Well currently we are in sleeper mode as i try to figure out what to do next.

by UziCorp

Will you be opening the source so others can contribute to the project - that may help you in getting up to speed again.

Just to say - I just found this by looking at Panda3D and am amazed how impressive it looks. I really want to have a go and see what it can do! :)

treeform always says that more coders are "more cooks to spoil the soup", as in he doesnt want coding help.

just sit tight, it will be done someday :D

by UziCorp

Thanks for the reply. I guess that makes sense, unless there are strict standards in code quality and requirements.

In this case, that's probably not possible so I understand why you are keeping it closed at the moment.

Saying that.... I hope someday is soon!

Its not really code quality its just most people underestimate the amount of work required to get this thing off the ground, so they just waste my time and theirs and then give up. Any one who wants to help me should help panda3d instead then they will be helping me as well as I use panda3d.

treeform is awesome and even awesome needs time to make awesome more awesome... if you get what I am saying.